KiteEdge, a cutting-edge research knowledge platform, sought to strengthen its investor proposition and secure vital capital for growth.

KiteEdge, a cutting-edge research knowledge platform, faced a critical juncture. Despite a revolutionary product offering, the company struggled to attract cornerstone investors, crucial for laying a solid foundation for subsequent funding rounds.

The lack of significant early investment hindered KiteEdge’s ability to scale, innovate, and secure long-term financial stability. The primary challenge was convincing investors of the platform’s unique value proposition in a competitive market saturated with research tools.


To address these challenges, KiteEdge revamped its investor proposition. The company implemented a comprehensive strategy emphasising its unique selling points, robust market potential, and scalable business model. This included developing a detailed pitch deck showcasing impressive user growth metrics, a clear path to profitability, and a roadmap for future technological advancements.

KiteEdge also engaged in targeted outreach to high-profile investors known for their interest in tech startups, coupled with personalised demonstrations of the platform’s capabilities.

The revamped strategy yielded remarkable results. Within six months, KiteEdge secured $10 million in funding from prominent cornerstone investors, including major venture capital firms and influential angel investors.
This initial influx of capital provided a solid foundation for subsequent funding rounds, which saw an additional $25 million raised over the next year. The strategic investment not only fueled rapid product development and market expansion but also enhanced KiteEdge’s credibility in the industry.