As an early adopter, I was excited to pre-order the Rabbit R1, envisioning a device with integrated AI across apps that would revolutionize how I interact with technology. I anticipated seamless AI functionality that would enhance my productivity and creativity. However, after using it, I found myself disappointed. My smartphone already performs all the functions the Rabbit R1 offers, and it does so with greater integration and convenience. Here’s why I initially thought the Rabbit R1 would be great, and why it ultimately fell short for adult users.

Why I Thought the Rabbit R1 Would Be a Game-Changer

Integrated AI Between Apps

I expected the Rabbit R1 to have robust AI capabilities that would allow for seamless interaction between various apps. This would mean smarter automation, better suggestions, and more intuitive user experiences. The idea was that the Rabbit R1 would make my digital life more streamlined and efficient.

Unique Design by Teenage Engineering

Known for their innovative and stylish designs, Teenage Engineering products have a distinct appeal. The Rabbit R1’s playful yet sophisticated look promised to be a refreshing change from the usual tech gadgets. I was drawn to its aesthetic as much as its supposed functionality.


Compact and Ergonomic

The compact and ergonomic design of the Rabbit R1 seemed perfect for on-the-go use. I imagined it being a handy device, providing quick access to AI-driven features whenever I needed them.


Why It Fell Short for Adults

Limited Functionality

In reality, the Rabbit R1’s functionality is currently limited when compared to smartphones. It doesn’t offer the same range of apps and services, nor does it provide the level of integration I was hoping for. Tasks that I can effortlessly accomplish on my phone require more steps and are less intuitive on the Rabbit R1.


Dependence on Computer

I found myself needing to rely on my computer to archive and review tasks, which defeated the purpose of having a portable device. This extra step added inconvenience rather than reducing it, making the Rabbit R1 less appealing for everyday use. 


Existing Smartphone Capabilities

My phone already does everything the Rabbit R1 can do, but better. From AI interactions to app integration, my smartphone remains the more powerful and versatile device. The Rabbit R1 has yet to bring any new capabilities to the table that justified its use over my phone.

I never believed that my first-generation product was going to convince everyone. That's just very unrealistic thinking.

A Delightful Discovery for Kids

Despite these shortcomings for adults, the Rabbit R1 has found a perfect niche as a gadget for kids. Here’s why it’s a hit with them:


Designed for Young Minds

The playful and ergonomic design of the Rabbit R1 fits comfortably in small hands, making it ideal for children. Its aesthetic and user-friendly interface make it appealing and easy to use for young users. 


Kid Friendly Features

While it may not replace a smartphone for adults, the Rabbit R1 is tailored to be a learning and creative tool for kids. It allows them to:

  • Create and Play: Kids can use the Rabbit R1 to create images, enhancing their descriptive language and creativity.
  • Magic Photos: The device includes a feature called Magic Photos, where kids can take pictures and apply fun, making photography a magical experience.
  • Learn with AI: The device helps children learn how to interact with AI, prompting it for various tasks like translations and simple questions.
  • Translate: The built-in translate feature helps kids learn new languages or understand foreign words, enhancing their language skills in a playful way.
  • Enjoy Audio Content: It functions somewhat like a mini iPod, letting kids play music, listen to audiobooks, and enjoy other audio content.

Learning Through Play

The educational value of the Rabbit R1 is significant. It provides a way for children to delay getting a smartphone while still experiencing interactive and creative technology benefits. The device encourages kids to explore their creativity and enhances their descriptive and language skills in a fun and engaging way. 


A Controlled Environment

For parents, the Rabbit R1 offers a safe and controlled environment where kids can learn and play without the risks associated with unrestricted internet access and social media. It’s a perfect bridge for young users, offering them the benefits of technology without the downsides.


In Summary

While the Rabbit R1 may not yet offer the integrated AI functionality across apps that early adopters hoped for, it has a niche as a beloved gadget for kids. Combining fun and learning in a safe, well-designed package, it serves as an excellent introduction to technology for young users. If you’re looking for a tech gift that’s both educational and entertaining for kids, the Rabbit R1 is definitely worth considering.


Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored or endorsed in any way by Rabbit, although any gifts are welcome. The views expressed are those of the author, Amar Rajani, Founder and Managing Director of Argella.