Argella, a prominent growth and technology advisory firm, is thrilled to announce its comprehensive rebranding initiative and the launch of its new digital home at argella.com. This transformation marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey, reflecting its evolving business model and the diverse global clientele it serves.

Established by Amar Rajani, Argella initially focused on the burgeoning UK fintech sector when it first commenced operations in 2017. Over time, the company has expanded its reach, catering to an increasingly global and varied audience. As part of this exciting evolution, Argella is transitioning from its .co.uk domain to .com and introducing a fresh brand identity to better align with its international footprint.

"When I founded Argella, our primary focus was on the growth within the UK fintech landscape. Since then, we have experienced a remarkable journey of growth and have cultivated a diverse client base with global reach. The transition to the .com domain, along with our new brand identity, serves as a testament to the adaptability and global nature of our business."

The brand redesign was a collaborative effort, involving the expertise of Steve Clark, Director at Lagoon renowned for its excellence in brand marketing and media production.

"Amar approached us with a vision to convey a mindful style - a harmonious blend of organic growth, tranquillity, dependability, integrity, and intelligence. We believe that the final product authentically embodies Amar's core principles."

To explore Argella’s reimagined identity and discover the exciting outcomes of this rebranding journey, please visit the newly launched argella.com.

About Argella

Argella is a dynamic growth and technology advisory firm that has been at the forefront of empowering businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. With over twenty-five years of experience from its founder and a global perspective, Argella offers innovative solutions and strategic insights to help clients navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

For more information please visit argella.com

About Lagoon

Lagoon is a multi-discipline design and marketing studio creating captivating brands, videos, imagery and web content. Lagoon operates on a global scale, working with clients in the financial, property, construction, automotive, professional services and lifestyle brand sectors.

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