NEW YORK / ACCESSWIRE / October 10, 2022

Helios Life Enterprises, pioneer in voice-based tonal analysis, welcomes Amar Rajani to the team. As Commercial Advisor, Amar will collaborate with our sales organization to scale growth efforts.


“Helios continues to build a team of expert individuals who have operated at the highest level within top-tier financial services organizations. Amar brings a wealth of knowledge in the distribution of cutting-edge data products for portfolio managers, analytics platforms and corporates,” said Helios Co-Founder and CEO, Sean Austin. “The addition of Amar to our distributed sales organization enables a scaled approach for educating the world on the value of tonal intelligence. We are thrilled that Amar will represent Helios in our mission to enhance security-level intelligence through tone of voice.”


Amar has over 20 years of experience in the financial and technology sectors with special expertise across capital markets, investment management, corporate, research and financial services. Amar has successfully grown businesses and positioned products for corporations, sell-side, institutional asset managers, banks and hedge funds globally. Today, Amar is Founder and Managing Director of Argella, offering advisory support and expertise to businesses of all sizes – from helping start-ups scale to supporting digital and data-led transformation. 


Amar began his career with Citi where he worked as a corporate banker providing large multi-nationals with corporate banking products focused on capital raising and corporate finance needs. After more than 3 years with Citi, Amar moved to Bloomberg where he spent nearly 20 years and worked across product management, business development, strategy and innovation. 


As a founding member of Bloomberg’s Enterprise Products and Solutions team, Amar helped expand revenue beyond the Bloomberg terminal product and was responsible for Bloomberg’s Tier 1 buy-side and sell-side accounts. In his role as Global Product Manager, Amar led Bloomberg’s Research Management Solutions across research, events, filings, data, mobile and collaboration tools. Amar launched several new products – used by hundreds of thousands of financial professionals – that are now the core of Bloomberg’s terminal offering including a mobile-first research solution, new authoring tools for research and a data management platform.


After Bloomberg, Amar stepped into numerous advisory roles and founded his own advisory firm, Argella, in 2017. Amar has since collaborated with dozens of Founders, CEOs and management teams in companies that leverage technology to offer simple, elegant solutions for data intensive, repetitive or time consuming problems.


“I spent a considerable amount of time as a product owner looking at how to transcribe content at scale,” said Amar. “I’ve always been fascinated by tonal analysis on calls in the financial industry to ascertain signals from c-suite investor calls, taking analysis of content to the next level, Sean has done an impressive job at Helios on this already and there is considerable opportunity as Helios looks to expand into other industries. I look forward to working with the team.”


Helios is a global leader in alternative data and pioneer in voice-based tonal analysis. Amar’s passion for innovation and his entrepreneurial nature are a huge asset to the Helios team as we look to scale our sales organization.


About Helios Life Enterprises


Helios Life Enterprises (HLE) is a pioneer in voice-based tonal analysis. HLE is the first and currently only company to conceive and devise a widely available data platform that delivers systematic analytics of an executive’s voice during critical corporate events. These analytics provide novel information that is useful for predicting future earnings surprises, company performance, and cumulative abnormal returns in the context of M&A events. Core product offerings include: Helios Comprehend for quant researchers, and Helios Mercury for fundamental researchers, analysts, and decision makers across all industries.


For more information or to request a demonstration, please visit https://www.helioslife.enterprises/.


About Argella


Argella provides advisory support and expertise to businesses of all sizes – from helping start-ups to scale, to supporting digital and data-led transformation. Argella can help to unify and transition products, teams and infrastructure to increase sales revenue and grow successful businesses.

For more information, please visit https://www.argella.co.uk.

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