This article first appeared on Digitalis and has been reproduced with permission.


Adviser Amar Rajani has worked with Digitalis in recent years to help us transform our technology offering for our clients. Amar takes a few minutes to discuss how our enhanced technology solution is changing the way we support clients.


Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to work with Digitalis.


I started out almost 30 years ago in banking, where I developed an interest in the technology that helped inform investment decisions. This led me to Bloomberg, where I spent 17 years in sales and product specialisms.


It was when I left Bloomberg and started my own advisory business, Argella, that I met Digitalis’s CEO Dave King. We had a healthy discussion on how companies needed to evolve their technology to meet the needs of their clients. We agreed that Digitalis had an opportunity to transform its own internal technology, used by its Client Services team to support its clients, into a standalone software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.


What does digital transformation mean for Digitalis?


Digitalis has spent over a decade building technology to help its clients manage online reputation and risk. Digital transformation for Digitalis means taking this technology and making it client-ready, enabling clients to self-serve. We’ve done this by taking data that relies on internal systems, processes and people, and delivering it in a readily-digestible way for clients. In this way, clients can use the software directly to find out what’s happening online that could affect their reputation or pose a risk to their business, without having to rely on technical experts to extract and translate that data for them.


Can technology replace people in managing online reputational risk?


Technology can help identify and support online reputation management and risk. While many firms rely on technology alone for online and media monitoring, there are huge benefits in using skilled and experienced professionals to interpret the data and signals. A professional reputation management service can help you identify what is important, analyse the potential risk, determine ways to overcome the problem, and measure success.


What makes Digitalis so unique?


One of the biggest challenges I see when I look at the use of technology in solving problems is that it often falls short at the final hurdle. Technology can identify the problem, but it doesn’t tell you how to solve it. The team at Digitalis use technology to identify the problem, and then use professional expertise to find ways to solve for it, even when there is not an easy fix.


Finally, for me, the people and culture are such an important part of an organisation. The team at Digitalis is truly a fantastic bunch of people with a passion for what they do, and the culture is innovative and professional. I look forward to the continued transformation of their digital offering in the coming years, and to being part of that.

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